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Bioolux | innovative light that is activated with a biological switch.

Bioo lux

A new way to feel nature

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Bioo is embracing a biotech transformation where the natural world is the source of inspiration.

BIOO LUX is our first step into nature-driven technology which brings us closer to our aim of building a future where living beings and technologies interact through innovative and sustainable solutions. It reflects the power and natural wisdom of nature to create greener solutions that give something back to the world.


The biological switch

Bioo wants to challenge you to switch up how you relate to the world around you.

Bioo Lux is all about moving closer towards seeing home automation as the norm. With a lamp acting as a plant pot, the light can be switched on by touching a plant. It is a manufactured consumer product made using naturally and ethically sourced fine materials and incorporating the Bio’s latest technology: the biological switch.

Touch it to switch it on.

Touch it to switch it off.

Touch it to feel nature.

Bioo Lux turns on when you plug into nature. The light dissolves through its main translucent porcelain section containing the plants and bathes rooms in soft, warm lighting.

A magical experience with its origins in science that gives you a unique and special chance to interact with nature and bring it into your home.


Plugging into nature to switch on the light

Bioo Lux is made up of 3 simple, carefully crafted elements. The main section comprises a translucent ceramic frame and a natural sintered cork base. The electronics are programmed on a baseplate that houses Bioo technology’s distinctive antenna. Then there is the plug, that supplies the LED light via a conventional power socket.

The simplicity of its natural and organic materials complements the gentleness of its light main section.

The best plants for your Bioo Lux.

Succulents will ensure your lamp works exceptionally well.


Traditional European products with a Mediterranean soul

Designed in Barcelona by the design studio BAG Disseny, in collaboration with Bioo, and manufactured in the north of Portugal .

The main section of every Bioo Lux lamp is sculpted by the expert hands of a local craftsman at a workshop near Porto.

It is a meticulous process that starts by filling a traditional mould with engobe to get the iconic droplet shape of the lamp.

Extracting the porcelain requires experience and skill as it needs to be done at the right time when it is hard enough to be handled but soft enough to be sculpted. The piece is baked twice whilst drying; once to mould it and then to get the right thickness and hardness. The craftsman works with the appropriate tools during this process, leaving the piece to set over several days until it is completely hard and dry. Once the cork base has been made by machine, the porcelain main structure can be added, resulting in a harmony of natural elements including light and nature.

This is how we manage to fuse together the essence of the Mediterranean with the tradition and origins of the finest Portuguese materials. The design evokes the desire and values of the 21st century. A piece of craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.


Configure the antenna effect of your plant


Live plants are able to perceive changes in frequency when they come into contact with other organic beings. This ability enables them to take on the role of an antenna. Bioo Lux allows you to control the sensitivity of the plant’s antenna effect and turn it into a natural switch to turn the light on and off. 


Fill the base with the best organic matter for your plant.

First add pebbles and then put the plant in, ensuring that the soil does not spill out over the main section of the lamp.

Cover the succulent’s roots with substrate, not exceeding the maximum level shown inside your Bioo Lux.


Plug the lamp into the power and calibrate the sensitivity of your plant’s antenna effect.

  1. Turn the trimpot until it reaches its lowest point.
  2. Touch the plant and turn it very slowly the opposite way until the light turns on, then remove your hand.
  3. Check the lamp’s reaction when you touch the plant to switch it on and off.
  4. Repeat until the light turns on and off after touching it.


Take care of your plant and interact with it to switch the light on and off.

If Bioo Lux does not respond when you touch the plant’s leaves, you need to recalibrate the sensitivity of the plant.


Limited edition

Bioo Lux is an innovative lighting concept that is able to envelop any space in elegance, tradition and cutting-edge technology.

The first edition consists of just 2000 exclusive pieces.

Enjoy an iconic piece that is more than just a lamp: it is a symbol of a shift in the paradigm. Bioo wants us to plug our homes back into nature.

Get in contact

Do you have any queries or doubts about Bioo Lux? Get in contact and we will be delighted to deal with them all. Magic is real and at Bioo it shines with its own light.