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Dimensions Bio Lux


210 x 212


Input DC 24V / 625 mA


5W Max.


Cork and 100% recyclable polymer

Power charger dimensions


74 x 82.5 x 32


Input 110-240V / Output 24V 1.5A 36W


50/60 Hz 0.9A

Bioo Lux requires approximately 75 ml of water (1/4 cup of water), whenever the soil is completely dry.

3 years warranty

Bioo offers a 3-year guarantee from the purchase of your Bioo Lux.

Bioo commitment, awarded among the 50 most innovative companies in Europe by the European Parliament It implies the improvement of our technology every day, iteratively. The science on which we base our research has a strong organic component that gives a different result to each unit depending in part on the plant you choose for your Bioo Lux.

Once you make your reservation, we proceed to finalize the assembly of your Bioo Lux.

During the process we make sure to incorporate the most up-to-date version of our technology. Shipping: First quarter of 2023. Free shipping to Europe.

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